things you should know

  1. I live about a mile away (a two minute drive) from school. Big road, open space, no big buildings allowed. I walk outside from class to class, no elevators, no hallways, just sun. ps. I don’t think I’ll get any use out of my Hunter rain boots!

2.    I am obsessed with my going-away present j.crew bag. I take it everywhere. 

3.   I have a garden! Or at least the start of one. Currently growing: basil, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and aloe. 

4.   My absolute favorite time of the day is after 6 when the sun goes down, the weather is perfect, and it’s usually a little breezy. The palm trees make me feel like I’m on a never-ending vacation, too bad my class work reminds me that I’m not!